Not limited to metal, MMW-based systems can detect the possession of ceramic weapons, plastic explosives, drugs, and other contraband. L-3 Security & Detection Systems has embarked on an aggressive program to develop and commercialize an advanced MMW imaging portal for use indoors for airport security screening. It is based on proven missile seeker automatic target recognition technology used by the U.S. military over the last 20 years. The L-3 MMW passenger screening portal is expected to enter into trial testing at a major international airport near the end of 2004.

In addition, the company is continuing to deploy its recently released Multi-View Tomography (MVT) X-ray technology for screening checked baggage. L-3’s MVT is the next generation of Automated Technology (AT), the current standard for explosives detection at airports throughout Europe and Asia Pacific.

The MVT is in use at key international airports, including London Heathrow and Singapore Changi International Airport, and has met the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) requirements for explosives detection.

L-3 is currently working toward the testing of an in-line configuration with the TSA where an MVT and eXaminer are paired, allowing airports to achieve greater baggage throughput with TSA certified detection and alarm resolution, at a lower cost than an all-eXaminer configuration. In this “system of systems”, all bags would first be screened by the MVT and all alarmed bags from the MVT would then be screened by an eXaminer. This dual technology solution is expected to meet all TSA certification criteria for explosives detection and false alarm rate. There are now over 500 eXaminers installed at major U.S. airports and at a growing number of international sites, including Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.