Bioscrypt will be providing, through the use of its core algorithm and supporting software, a uniform biometric verification environment for developers who are assessing the optimum combination of processing power and sensor technology for use in TI’s new products. In having a consistent biometric verification technology, developers are better able to determine what other component parts make up the best-case scenario therefore reducing time of development.

In conjunction with backing TI’s FADT, Bioscrypt supports many TI processor lines and a variety of sensors from different manufacturers. With this development in place, Bioscrypt is positioned to be the fingerprint biometric vendor of choice regardless of the end product developed.

“Bioscrypt’s open, robust algorithm affords TI the opportunity to offer a development tool that is unique in its flexibility and configuration,” said Ram Sathappan, biometrics solutions marketing manager, Texas Instruments. “Bioscrypt is an established leader in fingerprint biometric technology for the commercial market, and we are pleased to have their software working on this platform.”