DHS previously had awarded the BPA to Identix after the agency had conducted exhaustive evaluations, and subsequent re-evaluations, of all proposals. DHS’ evaluations and re-evaluations included detailed analysis of the technical and financial aspects of the various proposed solutions, and resulted in DHS selecting Identix, not once, but twice, as the vendor offering the best overall value for live scan systems. Upon receipt of the ruling by the GAO, DHS lifted the stop work order that had been in place as a result of the protest, and instructed Identix to resume delivery of live scan systems under a previously issued initial purchase order under the BPA.

“The U.S. Government, and specifically DHS, is a highly valued customer,” said Identix President & CEO Dr. Joseph J. Atick. “While the protest process relating to federal procurements can often be frustrating, in this case, the independent adjudication by the GAO, which followed the multiple technical and financial evaluations undertaken by DHS, results in the validation of Identix’ industry-leading biometrics technology. When the world’s current largest adopter of biometrics technology repeatedly puts its stamp of approval on you, it sends a clear message to a growing global industry about the technological expertise and value proposition Identix offers.”