“We have seen a marked upsurge in demands for outdoor perimeter protection and access control systems on the Nordic and other markets,” says Philip Mozes, divisional manager at Gunnebo Perimeter Protection.

“In the Nordic region, most ports should have been ready by 1 July 2004, but owing to late decisions and the dispensations they involved, the delivery and installation of protective fencing, gates barriers and alarm systems will continue throughout the whole of 2004.”

In the case of the Nordic markets, the measures to improve maritime security are based on rules adopted by the UN’s International Maritime Organisation.
Gunnebo Perimeter Protection is one of northern Europe’s leading suppliers of outdoor perimeter protection and access control systems. In April, as one measure to further strengthen its position in this market segment, Gunnebo acquired Elkosta, a German company with a broad range of high-graded security products for outdoor perimeter protection.