A common access interface will be used to securely access multiple networks including dial, Ethernet, home DSL, wireless hotspots and corporate wireless LANs. Seamless integration of security solutions, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), personal firewalls and Anti-Virus, ensures data isn’t compromised when accessed remotely or over wireless in the office.

“In our search for a technology that would fit seamlessly into our mobility solution, we assessed a number of products based on security, ease-of-use and anywhere, any-medium connectivity. iPass was the clear leader in this field,” commented Gary Pooley, Head of Telecom Optimisation, Fujitsu Services. “iPass’ ability to work within our security offerings while providing a simple but comprehensive connectivity experience, complements Fujitsu’s approach to offering integrated solutions that solve real business issues.”

In addition to incorporating iPass Corporate Access into new remote and mobile solutions, Fujitsu Services will offer the service to existing customers as a new communications tool to improve productivity. Demand for mobile access solutions is being driven by a new generation of wireless enabled devices and the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots and corporate Wireless LANs but constrained by concerns over security. The iPassConnect(TM) universal client can provide secure authentication and enforces enterprise security policies enabling Fujitsu Services to deliver on the demand whilst allaying fears about security.