The CX-450P pallet system incorporates both a proprietary dual-view and dual-energy capability – technologies which couple high-resolution imaging with the ability to discriminate varying materials. With material discrimination, screeners can qualify organic and inorganic matter, a critical competency aiding in detection of illegal drugs, firearms, or other contraband often found when screening high-risk vessels and cargo at borders around the world.

“L-3 Communications has been working diligently with the Australian Customs Service to find a versatile screening solution capable of meeting the border authorities specific needs,” said Al Barber, senior vice president and general manager of L-3 Security and Detection Systems. “The CX-450P is a robust, high-technology cargo system designed to provide clear, detailed imaging that can easily be used to verify manifest paperwork.”

The CX-450 platform is a customizable, high-energy cargo screening system available as a pallet, vehicle, or gantry configuration. Depending upon the configuration, the CX-450P can process up to 34 containers per hour with unparalleled accuracy. Goods move through a facility quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Even at its highest throughput, the CX-450P is guaranteed to
penetrate 3.5 to 4.0 inches of steel while providing highly distinguishable images.