The new Cisco 1800 Series, Cisco 2800 Series and Cisco 3800 Series integrated services routers are the first to provide customers with an infrastructure that enables fast, secure access to business applications with optimized security, while establishing a foundation for more intelligent networks. 

“Integration of voice and network security capabilities into routers is a great way to help organizations save money and time, but the addition of these features cannot negatively impact network performance,” said Jeff Wilson from Infonetics Research. “Cisco’s integrated services routers will help many organizations build more efficient and robust IP networks.” 

The new Cisco integrated services routers are part of the Cisco Self-Defending Network security strategy. Embedded directly inside the integrated services routers lies the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of network security services, which provide customers with a single, resilient platform to rapidly deploy secure networked business applications. 

Cisco integrated services routers ship with built-in virtual private network (VPN) hardware encryption and acceleration, version 2.0 of the intuitive Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) for ease of management, and Cisco IOS(R) Software-based VPN firewall. In addition, inline intrusion prevention system (IPS) functionality, for the first time embedded into a router, provides the network with a deeper level of protection not previously offered in these markets. Customers have the option of adding additional modules for enhanced network services and higher performance, such as VPN acceleration, enhanced IPS, and URL filtering, which helps protect network investments customers’ needs for more resilient, self-defending networks grow.