135 participants (50 per cent) replied that half or more of their CCTV installations involve computer networks. And 20 per cent reported that almost 100 per cent of their installations now involve a link to a computer network of some kind.

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Ian Fowler, Norbain’s Technical Training Manager is not surprised by the figures:

“We have known from anecdotal feedback from customers for several years that the proportion of systems being linked to computer networks is growing significantly.

“This survey confirms that trend and may even suggest that CCTV-IT integration is becoming the norm rather than the exception. This has many implications of course.

“Installers need an additional set of skills when linking CCTV systems to existing networks but they also need to be able to advise their customers of the implications of networked transmission and storage on topics such as Data Protection.

“Surveys like this will also encourage a move away from continuous monitoring to motion activated monitoring in order to ease the burden on network traffic.”