In 2004, ASIS was the biggest it has ever been, with 2,245 booth spaces covering 220,450 net square feet and occupied by more than 840 companies. There was plenty of new gear and it doesn’t take much imagination to work out that the salient direction of technology was networking, CCTV, integration and biometrics.

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Rapid deployment wireless

ACCU-TECH and P-Com exhibited interoperability of various security products from several vendors. The solutions presented illustrated product configurations for rapid deployment video and low-cost fixed wireless applications including thermal imaging and advanced PTZ cameras. P-Com’s Wireless Video Surveillance Solutions meet the security needs of today’s federal and municipal governments, enterprises and corporations, schools and trade ports. Working with their strategic partner Accu-Tech, P- Com conducted a live demo of their SPEEDLAN 9200 product. P-Com will also exhibited the interoperability of various security products from several vendors to highlight the product’s rapid deployment video and low-cost fixed wireless applications, including thermal imaging and advanced PTZ cameras.

SPEEDLAN 9200 is the next generation in self-healing mesh technology and provides network operators enhanced capabilities to route signals around obstructions to deliver wireless broadband services. SPEEDLAN 9200 facilitates use of 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz OFDM technology, and supports speeds up to 54 Mb/s.

SPEEDLAN 9200, which supports remote access by mobile users with a laptop or PDA, also has hardware AES encryption with no throughput penalty. The product is well suited for current and emerging IP applications, and is optimized for video surveillance and security applications for ports, airports and a wide range of public infrastructure.

Robotic response

PATROLBOT, an enterprise security and safety robot, will demonstrated its new ability to automatically confront intruders in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Dallas. PatrolBot, from, speeds its robotic pan-tilt-zoom camera and 2-way audio to an intrusion site the instant facility security systems detect a possible break-in.

PatrolBots particularly help large enterprises consolidate security control. A security service that uses PatrolBots in outlying facilities can cut false alarms without incurring the cost of a full-time on-site guard. PatrolBot can act as surveillance “go-fer” for the central security staff for 3-5 years and can work multiple shifts for less than the expense of a single on-site security assistant for one shift, one year.

Explains MobileRobots, “Security, reliability and terrorist concerns all drive companies to exclude people from facilities housing sensitive data or critical processes. They’re planning to automate production, IT server rooms and security in key areas. A PatrolBot ‘go-fer’ cuts emergency service calls to automated facilities dramatically.”

PatrolBot employs ARCS controls shared by AGV’s and other smart robotic devices. Using sophisticated sensing and software, ARCS robots map buildings on-the-fly and navigate point-to-point without wires or other retrofitting. ARCS enterprise robots can share maps, making them highly scaleable. ARCS robots sense obstacles and find alternate routes if a path is blocked.

PatrolBots have been used in companies including Pfizer Global Research, Hewlett-Packard and Limited Brands. PatrolBots and ARCS are available in the US and many countries directly from; . Integrator and OEM inquiries are welcome. Prices start at $30,000 US.

Pyramid Vision’s smart

PYRAMID Vision, the performance leader in intelligent video surveillance, announced at ASIS that it was now offering its state-of-the-art video surveillance technologies to security and law enforcement customers in Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia. Products include Hawk: An integrated, scaleable, rules-based security sensor management platform that creates a unified, multi-dimensional view of multiple alarm sensor types and video feeds.

Next comes VisionAlert Suite: The only commercially available solution to offer “motion-on-motion” detection capabilities fr both fixed and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras. By eectronically stabilizing video images and subtracting background motion, VisionAlert transforms video cameras into intelligent security sensors that spot perimeter breaches and abandoned or loitering objects, and track moving targets – even in low light or bad weather conditions.

There’s also Video Flashlight: An immersive surveillance tool that combines multiple camera feeds into a unified, three-dimensional view that an operator can actually travel through. It enables action-centric navigation, independent of specific camera controls and can be combined with Hawk or VisionAlert. Video Flashlight can integrate hundreds of sensors, including conventional gate alarms and fire/smoke detectors, in a comprehensive, contextual view.

Manufactured under an exclusive licensing arrangement with its parent company, Sarnoff Corporation, Pyramid Vision’s security products are based on a wide portfolio of patents that are fundamental to intelligent video surveillance. Patent protection includes applications such as detecting motion and objects in video sequences, as well as electronic image stabilization.

IPIX integrates with 3 DVR/NVR makers

IPIX Security, a supplier of video surveillance technology, announced integration of its award-winning video surveillance technology into DVR/NVRs manufactured by D3Data, On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. and Silicor Technologies at ASIS. Each company will now offer IPIX Security’s surveillance technology through their existing product lines, allowing end users the ability to view and capture Full-360 degree live or recorded video.

“The IPIX technology adds a new dimension to the security video market,” said ChrisHills, Managing Partner, D3Data. “Their mega pixel 360-degree viewing combined with our enterprise browser based solution is a perfect fit for our customers like the US Navy’s ‘SCORE’ training range.”

“IPIX has fully embraced the industry movement to digital video surveillance,” said Gadi Pitan, President and CTO, ONSSI. “IPIX’s high resolution and their ability to capture the entire area are unique capabilities, not available to traditional camera solutions because of the NTSC limitations.”

“Teaming with IPIX redefines the video surveillance industry,” said John Sires, CEO, Silicor Technologies. “Silicor Window Vision NVR/DVR is now able to use the power of the IPIX technology. Together, we bring a much needed innovation to the industry.”

Low cost ID camera

Datacard released its CS-100 digital camera at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Seminar and Exhibition in Dallas, Texas.

“This is the ideal camera for low-volume photo ID issuers who insist on high-quality images for a low cost,” said Mike Schnaus, vice president of marketing and corporate development for Datacard. “The CS-100 camera, combined with our card printer and identification software offerings, provide schools, small corporations and other organizations with complete low-end photo ID solutions that are tested, supported and serviced by Datacard Group,” said Schnaus.

The CS-100 camera also solves a common problem faced by low-volume secure ID card issuers. “There are a number of low-end, low cost cameras on the market that have internal flashes that are automatically disabled when tethered to a computer,” said Schnaus. “Having a functioning flash when the camera is connected to the computer is a key requirement for ID card issuance, and the CS-100 camera meets this need,” he said.

Texas Instruments and ObjectVideo

SPEEDING the development of digital video surveillance systems, Texas Instruments Incorporated and ObjectVideo announced at ASIS the launch of new video content analysis algorithms to run on TI’s digital media processors. The new technology will make intelligent video surveillance more accessible to the mass market and can save original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) significant development time in the creation of security applications.

Porting ObjectVideo’s video surveillance algorithms to TI’s high- performance, DM64x digital media processor will enable analytical capabilities to reside directly on devices, such as video cameras, digital video recorders, network encoders or other video management platforms. Distributing these capabilities throughout a security system diminishes the need for a centralized server and the hardware requirements for an intelligent security system, thereby reducing system requirements and the overall cost of ownership for the end user. Additionally, end users benefit from higher performance, more flexible configuration options and improved bandwidth utilization.

“TI’s advanced processor technology is helping to accelerate the adoption of next-generation digital video surveillance systems,” said Raul J. Fernandez, CEO, ObjectVideo. “Together, we will rapidly increase the availability and affordability of intelligent video surveillance capabilities to the marketplace and empower organizations with high-risk environments to better protect themselves against a variety of threats.”

Northrop Grumman integrated security

NORTHROP Grumman Corporation showed ts infrastructure protection services and advanced security solutions at the ASIS show. Northrop Grumman solutions are designed to help reduce security vulnerabilities to proactively respond and minimize risk. Northrop Grumman’s Information Technology (IT) sector displayed its video surveillance system, AlertVideo(tm). The system extracts valuable behavior and event information from existing surveillance systems and provides instantaneous visual and audible alerts. AlertVideo identifies potential threats and issues real-time alerts that highlight when, where and what needs immediate attention.

Also on display was the Incident Alerting and Assessment System (IAAS). IAAS consolidates and simplifies an organization’s management of multi-vendor security systems into one, easy-to-use monitoring workstation, illustrating a comprehensive view of its security environment. The software integrates physical- and cyber-security information from multiple, stand-alone systems, and provides users with a single portal for accessing and analyzing security events.

Northrop Grumman IT will also include SecurTracker(tm), a comprehensive security management tool that automates day-to-day security processes and documentation at classified facilities. Nine integrated modules support personnel security, programs, contracts, facilities, materials, computer security, visitor control, visit requests and badging.

Northrop Grumman’s Mission Systems sector demonstrated its integrated security solutions. Northrop Grumman has delivered more than 130 fixed and moveable security systems for military and civilian clients. The company’s customizable solutions include capabilities for early detection, notification, assessment, situation awareness, and command and control.

Marconi and VisioWave show next-gen networking

MARCONI and VisioWave showed network-based surveillance and security solutions for the protection of critical facilities at ASIS. Their solution combines VisioWave’s Intelligent Video Security Networks with Marconi’s reliable, secure Electronic Security System Networks for an integrated system that provides the security professional with real-time information for better decision-making and more management control during a crisis.

“At the ASIS International Seminar, Marconi and VisioWave showed mission-critical electronic security system networks that integrate real-time applications to protect people and property,” said Wayne Benoit, vice president of Marconi’s Secure Integrated Solutions group. “Marconi’s Secure Integrated Solutions enable integrated security applications by providing the most reliable, secure, flexible and scalable electronic security system networks available on the market today. Among Marconi’s installed, integrated security and surveillance solutions, are security networks at Miami International Airport for perimeter and access control, and in the Paris Metro, where 1,500 Local Area Networks are integrated with over 40,000 telephone lines, more than 8,000 video

surveillance cameras and about 300 video monitors.

CoreStreet and ASSA ABLOY show first disconnected smart locks

ASSA ABLOY and CoreStreet announced the development of a new line of door locks at ASIS, based on CoreStreet’s KeyFast technology. These are the first locks that successfully meet the promise of a centralized system for all security – physical and logical. The new, intelligent locks cost effectively extend the reach of existing security infrastructures, enabling connected and disconnected locations such as office buildings, college and university campuses, airplane doors, military bases and even cargo containers, to be centrally managed and secured.

With KeyFast-enabled products, connections are no longer required. This eliminates the main cost factor while substantially improving security – by allowing both connected and disconnected doors to be centrally managed. The KeyFast-enabled product line consists of Access Control Units (ACUs) and the corresponding Access Management Server (AMS). Together, the technology extends centrally managed access control to wired and unwired locations such as cargo containers, airplane cockpits, trucks, etc.

Three phases of Access Control Units are in development. The first ACU, which was being demonstrated at ASIS, looks much like a traditional card reader and is mounted near a door where it will send and receive permissions information. The second generation, due out in the first half of 2005, will be an integrated locking system that will include the door lock and the card reader in one unit. As the technology evolves, it will be embedded into an interchangeable core and be the size of a traditional door lock.

Datacard teams up with Intel

DATACARD announced at ASIS Seminar and Exhibition in Dallas, Texas, that it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Intel as part of its effort to develop and market integrated solutions targeted at large enterprises and government customers.

“Our objective is to deliver integrated solutions that allow organizations to unite a variety of security control systems under one common platform,” said Mike Schnaus, vice president of marketing and corporate development for Datacard Group.

In addition to providing security personnel with consistent and reliable information for all facilities, this integrated platform allows companies and government agencies to improve and expand their security features while extending the life of existing hardware infrastructure and eliminating the need for replacement or expensive custom work.

Under this agreement, Datacard Group will apply its broad expertise in the fields of identification, security, smart cards and large application development and deliver offerings by leveraging its global distribution channels.

Quantum Sniffer released

IMPLANT Sciences Corporation released its “Quantum Sniffer” at ASIS. The Quantum Sniffer is the Company’s trace explosives detection device using the Company’s proprietary QS Ion Mobility Spectrometry technology, which electronically detects minute quantities of explosive vapor molecules in the air. These units may be used to determine the presence of, or confirm the absence of, common explosives in personal equipment, packages, postal mail and cargo that may be conveyed by persons, vehicles, airplanes, and watercraft.

Dr. Anthony J. Armini, Chairman and CEO of Implant Sciences commented, “After many years of research and development, we are excited about the opportunity to unveil our production ready version of the Quantum Sniffer at this important exhibit for security professionals. The equipment exhibited includes devices that will soon be submitted to the US Navy and the TSA in accordance with the terms of currently existing contracts with these agencies.

Releases from Duraswitch

DURASWITCH promoted its portfolio of patented technologies at ASIS. Duraswitch’s PushGate has been designed in to several security-related projects including keyless entry security door locks and security alarm panels. Other patented Duraswitch technologies include the thiNcoder(R), a thin rotary switch design integrated on flex, and MagnaMouse(TM), a flat-panel multidirectional or cursor control. The Duraswitch InPlay Technologies(TM) division will also be representing Active Recognition Technologies through its recent agreement to acquire the privately held developer and licensor of vehicle and license plate recognition software. Unlike most LPR software, ART’s V-Metrics(TM) is designed to operate in North America, where plate styles, fonts, size and spacing cannot be predetermined. V-Metrics requires no additional lighting, works at high speeds and in any weather condition.