The robust BPID Security Device provides fingerprint sensing, storage, authentication, and encryption in one compact fob. As a result, the device owner’s fingerprint(s) never leaves the device, thereby protecting the owner’s personal privacy.

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The BPID Security Device allows the customer to add a biometric solution to an existing Indala access control system without changing readers or making modifications to their system. 

This is a plus for current Indala customers who may want to upgrade or supplement their system with a biometric application. It is especially valuable in environments where higher security is required for specific areas such as laboratories, business development sites, executive offices or government installations.

According to Barry Johnson, president and CEO of Privaris, “We are very pleased to partner with Indala, an established leader in access control. The Indala FlexPass product suite is perfectly complementary with the BPID Security Device, enabling our customers to deploy our technology quickly and cost effectively.”  


The BPID Security Device contains three LEDs to provide user feedback during enrollment and use as well as to indicate battery status. The battery is user replaceable and lasts for approximately 2000 operations.

“What is truly innovative about the Privaris BPID Security Device is that one can dramatically increase the level of security with biometric technology literally overnight. Implementation is fast and effective; therefore the potential for retrofit opportunities is tremendous,” said Marc Freundlich, Indala president.