The Ness PRO series is headlined by the PRO 16/15, a powerful digital video solution with integrated RAID storage, including 15 hot-swappable bays and three fully redundant power supplies.

The 14 onboard hard drives offer 4.2 Terabytes of RAID Configurable storage (RAID 0,1,0+1,5), allowing the 16 cameras to be recorded at their highest resolution settings, largest picture size (704 x 576) and stored at up to 25 frames per second per camera, to a maximum of 192fps global for approximately 10 full days before overwrite of the oldest data.

Ness’ John Nowacki was cagey about price for the new range but claimed the PRO series would cost about 50 per cent less than its major competitors equivalent systems which are typically hybrid, and according to Nowacki, have lower specifications.

The range includes the PRO 16/15, the PRO 16/8, the PRO 16/2 and the PRO 8/2 and 4/1. The first 2 units incorporate onboard RAID storage, while the smaller units still provide exactly the same features and performance excluding the raid and storage capacity.The PRO 16/15 is a gob-smacking professional system with hardware specs sure to make the competition drool (14, 300GB hard drives, Real Time 400 images per second to screen for viewing and a recording rate of 192fps globally. It also has 3 fully redundant power supplies, and the software’s technical specs that are most impressive are standard across the entire range.

Using a cutting edge proprietary MPEG-4 compression protocol, the PRO series gives virtual real time remote viewing of groups of cameras. While many DVR’s make similar claims, the Ness PRO range delivers both on a local monitor, across a network, or remotely across a WAN or ISDN line. I saw this myself and it looked the goods.

There’s full local and remote control of the system. Remote capabilities allow 5 administrators that have full access and programmability remotely on-line simultaneously or 20 Normal password access levels that have programmable access rights logged on simultaneously. The Pro Series uses a very simple and intuitive front end G.U.I. that needs virtually no explanation. Almost all controls, including file sizes, resolution, frame rates, saturation levels and much more are all available from one screen.

You can find out more about the launch of the new PRO DVR range in Adelaide by calling Glen Watkins at Ness on 02 88259222.