Company officials attribute this expansion to increasing worldwide product demand, and to the continuing introduction of new, technically advanced products.  Construction of the new 144,000 square foot facility – designated as Building Seven – will begin in the next month with completion scheduled for early 2005. With this addition, Pelco’s <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Clovis operations will expand to over 550,000 square feet of buildings spread over nearly forty acres. 

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Already the Central Valley’s largest manufacturing employer, Pelco’s 1,600 person workforce will increase to over 2,100 by the end of 2005. The newly created jobs will cover a complete range from production workers to professional and management positions. 

A new day care center for employees’ children will also be added as part of this project. All of Pelco’s manufacturing operations are located in Clovis. 

Commenting on the growth plans, Pelco’s Manufacturing Vice President Tim Glines stated, “Continuing, heavy investments in leading-edge manufacturing technologies, coupled with our outstanding, productive workforce, allow our Clovis made products to effectively compete anywhere in the world. ‘Made in USA’ is an unshakable part of our culture.” 

The company has access to an additional twenty-five acres in the ClovisIndustrial Park for future growth. Increasing demand for Pelco products is particularly strong in international markets where the company has recently opened numerous customer support offices, Distribution Centers, and designated service centers. 

Pelco officials further noted that the company’s ongoing success is being continuously fueled by a steady flow of advanced new digital and network based video products. 

In recent years, Pelco’s Engineering/Research and Development Group has increased to over 225 people; and in 2003 a 40,000 square foot dedicated ProductDevelopmentCenter was opened. 

Executive Vice President Carrie Migliore commented, “We have assembled the most talented, powerful product development group ever seen in this industry. Staying ahead of the technology curve is the best, possible long term insurance for Pelco and our customers.”

Commenting on the growth plans and the fact that Pelco has just received its tenth consecutive PSA Superstar Award – the most prestigious customer satisfaction award in the security industry – Pelco CEO David L. McDonald said,

“We are obviously pleased at our continuing growth and success which, I feel, we owe to our truly exceptional employees who, every day, surprise our customers with an unexpected level of service and support.” 

 Pelco’s big range is supported in Australia by Pacific Communications.