ADT installed video and audio links from CCTV systems across the council which carry signals to a remote site control room in Ilford Town Centre. All sites are monitored simultaneously, meaning fast response from the fewest possible staff.

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Matt Gibbs, Redbridge Council’s CCTV Manager for Community Safety, Public Protection told <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />SecurityPark: “Britain’s local authorities are constantly looking to improve public protection, but frequently hit a brick wall when it comes to funding a complete overhaul. ADT solved our problems by suggesting we make use of our existing LAN network, minimising disruption and installation times, as well as cutting our costs. By linking the new systems into our central control room, we can channel our resources to ensure constant monitoring through leading-edge technology systems.”

John Hedges, of ADT, added: “This work is a real achievement for ADT, as it reflects the public sector’s growing awareness of evolving security needs, which we have worked hard to drive. The fact that we have successfully utilised the existing network services is big news for the industry as a whole – opening up new avenues to us all. Redbridge Council is so delighted with the system and the results it is getting that they are now looking at the possibilities of integrated installations in schools, parks, libraries and selected public areas through the LAN – which would be a real ‘first’ for the industry.”

According to the SP report: “Lee Shelford, ADT Project Manager and Resident Technical Engineer for the Borough has spent the last few years working closely with the Borough and leading edge technology manufacturers to design and integrate many different applications with the purpose of meeting the Borough’s crime reduction objectives through the use of CCTV technologies. Most recently, breakthroughs have been made with digital wireless networking allowing real-time quality images to be transmitted over great distances at minimal cost and then integrated into the existing analogue matrix using digital interfaces.”

Lee Shelford told SP: “Redbridge Council is very open to trial new technologies and software in the fight against crime to ensure public safety. Working closely together and involving manufacturers has enabled us to utilise applications that are still in the design and infancy stage. This refreshing approach has allowed us to surpass conventional methods and achieve greater results.”