Bewator also announced today that it has divested its Business Area Parking (Cale Access AB) to Swedish Mellby Gård <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />IndustriAB, that also is part owner of Bewator Group. Bewator is thereby concentrating all its operations to the growing access security market. 

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Antech is a market leader in the distribution of video security products in Scandinavia. Founded in 1988, the company has built a market leading distribution business in video security products in Denmark and Sweden. The company has 17 employees and has its headquarters in Brøndby, Copenhagen.

Through this acquisition Bewator continues to strengthen its market position in access security solutions in the Nordic region.

Bo Kastensson, CEO of Bewator Group says “Bewator is committed to delivering the best security solutions and services to end-users via our market leading network of partners and installers. Antech will bring to our customer base CCTV market knowledge, and will benefit from Bewator’s large installed base and expertise in integrated systems.

“The acquisition of Antech will also help strengthen our in house competences in the design and supply of total security solutions in Scandinavia” continues Bo Kastensson, “and will improve Bewator’s competitiveness in its all important home market”.

Antech’s knowledge in network and IP CCTV solutions complements Bewator’s strategy to deliver open, modular security systems (e.g. the integration of the Bewator 2010 system with the Eventys digital video management system). The combination of both companies’ expertise will, amongst others, provide a strong platform for integrated access control and video security over IP.

Through the merger of Bewator and Antech, the potential has been created for an efficient integration between security systems in access control, alarm systems and video control, areas where Bewator has a recognised market position.


“Antech has developed positively through the years and can now enjoy a faster growth as part of an internationally recognised leading security group. With the addition of Bewator’s development resources and international network, we will be able to benefit from a leading position in Sweden and a strong position in the other Nordic countries as well as business opportunities in many other European market,” says Michael Anthonsen, MD of Antech A/S.