RISKeye mobile technology allows users to monitor closed-circuit television (CCTV), webcams and remote surveillance cameras from

their CellPhone through Openwave’s widely used WAP 2.0 browser,

enabling the application to function on a broad number of

handsets worldwide without the need for client side software


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One of the largest advantages of this technology is

the ability to zoom in on specific images or objects without

losing detail in picture quality, thus enabling the user to

pinpoint an object or person in the image frame using a numbered

grid pattern for precision zooming.

Once the object or person is selected on the grid, the image can

then be zoomed in several times for complete detail without sacrificing resolution or picture quality. This can all be done without any additional

software using virtually any CellPhone available on the market

today. For an example of this, please refer to the PowerPoint

presentation on Snocone’s corporate website.

This agreement gives Snocone exclusive, perpetual, worldwide

rights to publish, market, advertise and promote the RISKeye

Mobile Applications. RISKebiz will be contracted by Snocone

Systems to perform system adjustments, upgrades and installations

for the service.

Potential uses of the technology would be for home based webcams

or security camera monitoring, websites that offer streaming

videos to their customers, security and police organizations that

could use the applications in the field by applying CCTV shots or

video feed captures to their CellPhones.

This would enable officers to patrol and view different live camera

images sent straight to their CellPhones while doing patrols. Furthermore,

officers could be sent images of suspects, stolen cars or

kidnapping victims in real-time straight to their mobile device,

helping to improve the response time, information dissemination

and positive ID’s when tracking victims or suspects. Other uses

of the technology could apply to the entertainment industry where

customers currently view streaming video to their computer. Our

technology takes this a step further enabling customers to view

images captured from cameras in real-time, on their CellPhones,

whenever and wherever they want.

In exchange for this exclusive technology, RISKebiz will receive

one million restricted shares of Snocone’s common stock to be

held in escrow for a period of up to two years commencing on the

date of this agreement.

Snocone also announces that Mr. Kevin Day has been appointed

Snocone’s Chief Technology Advisor. This will enable Snocone to

take advantage of Mr. Day’s expertise in various aspects such as

marketing, corporate sales and contracts as well as overseeing

application development for the company’s mobile solutions. Mr.

Day is the President and majority owner of RISKebiz Internet

Services Inc.