According to a report in SSN, officials from the companies declined to comment on the nature of the dispute, but the disagreement has left two views on where the software license agreement stands.

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SSN says there’s a question over the future of the LG Iris Access 3000, a camera that incorporates the technology from LG Electronics.

SSN says that “according to Iridian Technologies, it has terminated the license agreement with LG Electronics, while LG Electronics says it continues to hold the rights for the iris technology and will continue to sell the camera that incorporates the iris recognition technology.

In the meantime, LG Electronics has filed a lawsuit to tap into a dispute resolution clause written as part of the original license agreement. In its lawsuit, LG Electronics also claims Iridian Technologies contacted LG Electronic’s current and prospective customers to comments on the dispute.”

David Johnston, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics, told SSN the companies signed a license agreement in 1997 after co-developing the iris recognition technology. Then in 2000, Iridian Technologies decided to focus on developing its software solution, said <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Johnston, rather than deal with hardware sales.

Meantime Frank Fitzsimmons, president and chief executive officer of Iridian, declined to comment on the company’s relationship with LG Electronics. But he told SSN Iridian Technologies also has agreements with camera manufacturers, Oki and Panasonic.