Among the DI-Detector modules released were some featuring SEDOR technology, ANPR, people counting, traffic statistics, lock assistant.

By means of their investigation, analysis and detection of static and non-static objects within the monitored scene, these DI-Detector modules support efficient operation, the achievement of rapid re-sults and cost reductions.

The DI-detector is able to learn which alarms are undesirable (e.g. caused by scattered light from car headlights, small animals, etc.) and to disregard them.

This adaptive learning considerably reduces false alarms, as does the system’s capacity for targeted event searching in the recorded picture.

The modular expansion of the Dallmeier recorder family with the DI-Detector’s intelligent sensor modules supports sequential expansion of the application and increased performance from the available products. It is possible to connect up to third party systems via OPC, SDK and DAVID-protocol.

Dallmeier has also released a digital matrix which supports the expansion of security CCTV systems where they have to meet high requirements for picture quality and transmission, as for example, in airports, metros, casinos or in high security buildings.

Thanks to the modular construction and the variety of possible configurations, an ideal customised solution can be pro-duced for each kind of application.

The system provides many interfaces for easy integration with different analogue and digital components from the building management and CCTV fields.

The DMX 8, DMX 16 and DMX 32 complete systems which each include an integral full frame resolution matrix with real time store for each channel, provide the easiest way (even for inexperienced installers and end-users) to implement digital real time recording with integral matrix. And with no configuration costs this means savings for the operator.

The DMX complete system and the individual components of the digital matrix record on site in an integrated modular ring memory, independent of the network, thereby ensuring maximum availability of the recording data.

The video data are processed in real time with full PAL resolution. MPEG-2 compression is used so that standard components and devices can be used for later viewing or processing.

Integration in higher level management systems is possible using standard interface technology (OPC).

In addition DMX compete systems can be operated as sub-systems within an installation. Connection to Dallmeier software products PView, PGuard and SmartGUI is also possible.