Unlike conventional surveillance cameras, the new TK-C1430E is equipped to handle harsh day and night lighting conditions. The On/Off IR cut filter makes it possible to capture both colour and black and white (monochrome) images with just one camera. The filter is either manually or automatically switched “in” during the day in bright or sunlight conditions for colour images and “out” at night time for monochrome / IR images. Image sensitivity can be as low as 0.45 for colour and 0.015 for monochrome. IR can be selected through the inbuilt on-screen menu function that can be remotely set up using the RS422 / 485 interface over a coaxial from a personal computer. As well as an IR cut filter, the extended dynamic range (ExDr) function, incorporated into the TK-C1430E camera, captures clearer images by automatically selecting a low-speed shutter for darker areas of the image and a high-speed shutter for brighter areas of the image. This new TK-C1430E camera has a 1/3-inch high sensitive interline transfer CCD, producing 440,000 effective pixels and images with 480 lines of horizontal resolution. Accurate colour reproduction is achieved with a signal-to-noise ratio of 50dB.