“Best of What’s New is the ultimate Popular Science accolade, representing a year’s worth of work evaluating thousands of products,” said Popular Science Editor Mark Jannot. “These awards honor innovations that not only impact the way we live today, but change the way we think about the future.” GE Infrastructure’s EntryScan3, a non-intrusive explosives detection and identification portal, was awarded “Best of What’s New” in Popular Science’s General Innovation category. EntryScan3, state-of-the-art screening technology designed to help provide thorough, head-to-toe airport screening for a broad range of explosives, provides optimal screening results to enhance public safety, while helping to maintain efficient checkpoint security flow. GE’s EntryScan3 represents a significant breakthrough in explosives detection capability designed to help protect the traveling public, high-threat facilities, and critical infrastructure. Louis Parker, President for the Homeland Protection business of GE Infrastructure, Security said, “GE is unwavering in its commitment to providing homeland security solutions to better meet the world’s security needs. GE’s EntryScan3 is already proving to be a cornerstone of today’s security strategy by helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of explosives screening on individuals and bringing peace of mind to the traveling public.” The system is currently being utilized in a United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pilot program for airport passenger screening at five airports and recently participated in a TSA pilot program for rail passenger screening at New Carollton Station outside of Washington, DC.