The announcement was made by Daniel Lieberman, president and chief executive officer of Holomex, and Peter Brocklesby, president of Applied DNA Sciences. Holomex has produced security holograms to prevent counterfeiting for 20 years.

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The company has an extensive client base in the packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer products, cosmetics, liquor, food and beverages industries, and with governments to protect currency, government checks, I.D.s, credit cards, passports and other documentation from forgery.

Applied DNA Sciences extracts and recombines botanical DNA codes to create a virtually foolproof method to prove product authenticity, detect fakes and protect supply chain integrity.

The technology provides overt and covert protection for corporations, governments and consumers against counterfeiting, fraud, theft, piracy, product diversion and adulteration, identity theft and unauthorized intrusion into secure facilities and databases.

The Chinese Government will use this DNA technology to place DNA-secured holographic labels on 500 million DVDs.

Lieberman said, “The fail-safe anti-counterfeiting technology of Applied DNA Sciences, combined with our state-of-the-art holograms, provides an impregnable layer of security for our customers.

The new DNA-Holograms will be available by January 2005, when the two companies will jointly market the products to clients worldwide. Together, we provide levels of brand protection and safety never previously available.”

Brocklesby pointed out that, “The combination of DNA and Holography creates powerful new security technology to protect a wide range of industries. For example, the pharmaceutical industry produces billions of packages annually.

“Losses to the pharmaceutical industry alone, incurred as a result of product counterfeiting and adulteration, are reported to exceed 15 billion US dollars annually, according to Reconnaissance International.

“Our new technologies detect, deter and prevent that loss and improve safety for consumers. A DNA-Hologram combined with RFID antenna/label technology will create a new generation of secure packaging which also contains inventory control and supply chain protection features.”

“The hologram industry grew to $1.2 billion in sales, between 1998 and 2003. DNA-Holographic-RFID product/security is a new horizon with enormous potential. The combination of these technologies in a single low-cost product is available only from Holomex and Applied DNA Sciences.”