Oxon Data Systems, a Sydney based software development firm first got involved in access control technology when one of its clients asked how they could leverage their existing Cardax investment to manage on site staff and contractor catering services. The results have been staggering.

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“Our clients have told us that they want greater flexibility and control of their systems without compromising their security policies. They want to leverage their existing investment in access control technology and present a business case for future upgrading based on investment returns”

Oxon have created a generic secure middleware solution called FT Exchange that makes enterprise wide software integration possible. The release of this product in October 2004 has captured the attention of thought leaders in education, mining and utilities markets. David Archer (Cardax Specialist) says, “the biggest bang for the buck generally comes from HR/Payroll or Student/Client systems integration enabling automatic head end priming and maintenance. FT Exchange provides open access to events data and enables the system to manage a variety of transactions. The service actually improves the performance of Cardax by removing reporting pressure on the system.”

FT Exchange has been deployed in the mining industry to store values using existing proxy-cards to enable pre-paid and credit transactions at cafeterias, draw-down of fuel and book equipment in and out of stores. Executive managements traditional view of security and access control as being a cost centre has been challenged and attitudes have shifted significantly. David says, “The possibilities for cost savings and improved efficiency are endless and limited only by the imagination of the client.”

According to Peter Carter, Oxon Data Systems general manager “the industry is fundamentally rethinking the way traditional security services are managed and sold in the market. It is no longer just about access control and asset protection – it is about delivering return on investment for clients”.

About Oxon Data Systems

Founded in 1998, Oxon Data Systems is an Australian software development company that provides organisations with custom-built IT solutions for Microsoft platforms. It is particularly recognised for its data management software and creative web-based services across high growth markets including pharmaceutical and health care, mining and resources and recreational services.

Oxon is based in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Sydney and services both Australia and South East Asia. It employs a team of highly skilled consultants that offer a diverse set of commercial, IT and project management capabilities. Oxon’s clients include BHP-Billiton, Australian Defence Industries Limited (ADI), The Mayne Group, BlueScope Steel, News Limited, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Ticketek.com, Colgate Palmolive and the Australian Wine Society.

For more information visit Oxon’s website at www.oxon.com.au