Designed as a hybrid security solution, the DV-IP Server continually stores evidential-quality images on each local machine to ensure every detail of every incident is captured clearly. Simultaneously, the BS-8418 compliant system is able to stream MPEG-4 video, allowing efficient transmission over the ISDN and broadband connections used by remote monitoring stations.

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John Goy, senior product manager for DV-IP at DM explained: “Many IT managers are nervous about introducing video components onto their organisation’s computer network for fear of clogging up the system with heavyweight CCTV images.

The new DV-IP Server addresses these concerns in two ways. Firstly, by using MPEG-4, a compression technique designed specifically for low bandwidth environments, the required transmission capacity is kept to a minimum.

Secondly, since the server records all the data locally, CCTV images are only put on the network when requested by a viewing station. This is in direct contrast to pure IP camera-based architectures, where each camera continually floods the network with CCTV video for recording elsewhere.”

The DV-IP Server offers up to 100 pps record rate for high speed image recording and features tamper-proof alarm-handling capabilities in compliance with BS-8418, critical for central monitoring station applications.

DM also has new DV-IP viewing technology. The new multi-site DV-IP Viewer enables multiple cameras from multiple DVRs to be viewed within the same PC application, particularly important when accessing data across a large campus, town centre or international environment.

Dedicated Micros also has a new 5-channel DV-IP Decoder. Fully compatible with all DV-IP Servers, a single Decoder allows digital video from to be displayed on up to five standard composite monitors. These flexible solutions provide a cost-effective mix of traditional CCTV monitors and networked PC viewing across the installation.