Phoenix allows users to configure a system consisting of multiple video and audio, data signals, and contacts in a variety of topologies including point to point, linear and split linear, self healing ring, and mixed configurations in a drop/repeat/insert environment.The system supports up to 255 nodes, 16 duplex videos, 16 duplex audios, 16 duplex data streams and 32 duplex contacts.Up to 16 full-frame, real-time video feeds can be distributed simultaneously across a network, and because the video is not compressed, each signal comes through the fibre as broadcast quality images.

The small two-rack form factor of the Pheonix incorporates an LCD screen and LEDs to provide the user with up-to-the-minute feedback on any card in the system, as well as information such as temperature and power supply voltages.

Distributor: Hills Transmission Solutions

Contact: 61 3 96760270