“There is a growing global demand to accelerate the development and deployment of high-performance security technology that helps protect critical infrastructure,” said Bill Woodburn, GE Infrastructure President & CEO.

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“Explosives detection is a sophisticated science, and this acquisition combines core competencies, advanced research capabilities and innovative approaches that will shape the future of the industry.”

“Integrating trace detection, computed tomography and X-ray diffraction technologies into a single, dynamic business offering will accelerate our ability to bring new products and systems to market that make security applications more accurate and productive,” said Ken Boyda, President & CEO of GE Infrastructure, Security.

“Combined with our broader security offerings, our homeland protection platform creates a comprehensive set of technologies that will make GE one of the world’s premier security businesses, serving customers in the commercial, industrial, residential, transportation and homeland protection markets around the world.”

The business will be led by Louis Parker, President & CEO, Homeland Protection, reporting to Boyda.

“Utilizing GE’s <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />GlobalResearchCenter and technology from GE Healthcare, we plan to further improve our technologies, and will be able to develop new products to address homeland protection needs around the world,” said Parker.

“Because InVision’s CT and x-ray technology is complementary to GE’s trace detection technology, customers will have screening systems that are easier to use and more effective than those available today. The acquisition also provides a large Services installed base expanding GE’s reach and Services growth potential.”

The purchase had been slated to go through earlier in the year but was delayed by internal issues at InVision.