Business Secure represents an innovation in security monitoring that the partners say delivers both physical and IT security for customers, greatly enhancing the visibility, control and interaction of site security.

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Using high-speed ADSL, Signature and Telstra say Business Secure offers the customer a cost effective, high grade security monitoring service with intruder verification capability over the internet using a web browser or GPRS enabled mobile phone.

Using high-speed ADSL, Business Secure provides connections for:

* Security and alarm monitoring.

* Remote video monitoring using standard security video cameras in the protected premises.

* Internet connection for a single computer or multiple computers on a network

* Additional connections for future applications, such as Fire Monitoring, EFTPOS and ATM

According to Telstra and Signature, Business Secure provides:

HIGH GRADE SECURITY monitoring solutions via a robust encrypted virtual private network. Communication redundancy is available via GPRS* (optional) or PSTN.

GREATER FLEXIBILITY via improved control of security services through remote monitoring and enhanced IT security capabilities.

VALUE ADDED SECURITY via the use of your PC web browser or GPRS enabled mobile phone to deliver remote video verification and secure access to alarm event history. Improved network speed and on board firewall can improve protection for all of your business applications.

LOWER COST OF OWNERSHIP via minimal event transmission and system polling costs. Possible insurance premium reductions.

Contact Signature on: 1300 655 944 for more information.