Replacing TIRIS Prox readers with Mifare is performed using a conversion kit. As both readers will be the teardrop shape, the conversion kit consists only of the front facia, and the internal electronics. All other components are identical.  

A full replacement unit is provided for replacing Prox Plus and Intelligent Door Terminal readers, and as is the case for Magnetic Stripe to Mifare. Where a full replacement unit is provided, this trade-in offer will entitle the site to a further 20% off the RRP price. 

Security Managers of Cardax sites interested in taking up the offer to move to Mifare should discuss the trade in offer with their Cardax service providers at their earliest convenience.  

Why choose Mifare over other reader technologies? 

Smartcard, or Mifare, technology is becoming an increasingly popular technology compared to its counterparts (i.e. Magstripe and Proximity). The key drivers to its success lie in the additional security and the support for multiple applications to exist on a single card.

Additional Security

Smartcard is the high security card option. This option protects by employing read/write keys as an extra level of security, making cards extremely difficult to copy.  

Couple this with the superior encryption and communication of Cardax readers and cards over open industry standard formats and Cardax Prox (Mifare Series) and management can have the highest confidence of their site security. 

Support for Multiple Applications to Exist on a Single Card 

Mifare cards have separately controlled sectors to allow for different applications to reside on the one card. This means the card can independently support applications such as Automatic Fare Collection, Road Toll, Airline Ticketing, Banking Cards, City Cards, ID Cards, and Loyalty Schemes.  

Competitive in Price 

Whereas Mifare technology was once priced at a premium, it has now become very cost effective, due to the popularity of the technology. 

The Full Range of Cardax Prox (Mifare Series) Readers 

The Mifare range of Cardax readers has been fully redeveloped with new generation, lower cost, and higher performance components, making the Mifare option attractive for all sites. The positioning of the Mifare readers will see this technology become the choice going forward. 

Need to know more? Contact your Cardax Business Development Manager or Cardax Australia – Phone +61 2 9412 4477, Fax +61 2 9904 8546, or Email