According to Management Today, Newton comes from the classic mould of entrepreneurs: “restless, awkward, driven, demanding”. The Management Today report read in part: “It is a sign of oursecurity-obsessed times that this year’s winner of the MT Top 100Entrepreneurs is the Biggest Brother of them all: the low-profile kingof CCTV in Britain, Michael Newton. “From the high street to home to work, we are watched by thoseall-seeing cameras wherever we roam, and Newton has cashed in on thisdemand big time.“Newton, who is 44 and based in Cheshire, comes from that classic entrepreneurial mould: restless, awkward, driven, demanding,” reads Management Today. “He fell out in spectacular fashion with his earlier backer 3i, he drives in the Le Mans 24-hour race and he won’t be satisfied until he is the world’s first CCTV billionaire, having taken on and defeated the American giant Honeywell in the process.According to Management Today, Newton has said: “I have been known to say my business is not a democracy but I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a dictator…”Last time Newton was in Australia he and his Porsche GT3 ran as high as fourth in the course of one of the most challenging Bathurst 24-Hour motor races ever. At the time, DM hosted an industry group in the pits at the track and Newton proved the perfect host, accessible and yet seriously focused on the job at hand.Newton’s company is now one of the most successful video surveillance manufacturers in the world. DMs products combine good design and strong performance in a series of packages so pretty you’d have one in your lounge room.