With its expansion capability, a single 84-inch rack can switch 1024 inputs into 256 outputs. “Because of its compact size, the Digiplex HDS is ideal for casinos, hotels, healthcare facilities, prisons, airports, transportation facilities, manufacturing facilities, and other large-scale applications,” said Athaar Pasha, Manager-Product Marketing, Switchers. “The Digiplex HDS system is easy to install, operate and manage.” The Digiplex HDS’s main chassis measures a compact six rack units and holds two 3U sections. Plug-in PCB cards are used to fully expand the system. Twelve card slots (96 ports) are available for input or output in each 3U section. A maximum of 4,096 inputs by 256 outputs are possible, as is connection to as many as 32 satellite (remote) sites. The basic HDS system is made up of the HDS chassis and System Controller, which provides user access to specific features through individual password-protected accounts. With the Digiplex HDS, users can program dwell times and tours for any inputs or outputs while managing these and more settings through the System Controller software that is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP. The Digiplex HDS is designed for simplicity. Cable connections are made on a separate connector-board that snaps on to the main board, enabling fast board swap outs without the need to remove the cables. Vertical bus connectors link each 3U section, again without cables. Even if a site already has matrix switchers, the complete HDS system lets the user link multiple sites and create a distributed satellite switching system.