“The main advantage of system configurations is that a system is easily scalable and upgrades are simple with the possibility to combine both analogue and digital products. This ensures long term viability, high image quality and cost effective results,” commented Greg Gregoriou, Senior Sales Manager – CCTV at JVC Professional Europe. The simplest of configurations is either a 9 or 16 channel DVRs which can be used to record from colour and day and night static cameras and domes. Operation is by an infra-red remote and a built-in 240GB hard disk. A CD-R/RW unit for duplication and storage of images is optional. The addition of a keyboard system controller, model GSC-2000J gives added flexibility to the CCTV system. Not only can it control the 9 or 16 channel DVRs but also it operates up to 16 high speed cameras or domes. This system provides the building blocks for a reliable surveillance system. Images produced from colour and day/night static cameras and domes can be displayed immediately using a JVC high resolution monitor. Where display of images from selected cameras is critical, a spot monitor can be effortlessly added to the system. The addition of a CD-R/RW unit and HDD storage component of up to 1.5 terabytes makes this system scalable enough to cope with the storage demands of a large security monitoring system. The keyboard controller can also be used. The system incorporates the addition of LAN/WAN networking, and is scalable with the option of a CD-R/RW unit and a removable hard disk (HDD). This allows the system to be expanded easily to 1.5TB. The unit can be controlled by the keyboard system controller. The DVRs offer built in 10/100 BaseT network access for complete IP integration and compatibility. The unit can be controlled over a network using a PC through either a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or via the viewer application that is bundled with each DVR unit. JVC Professional Europe Ltd has also introduced the VN-C655U fully functional IP network dome camera. It comes with a complete range of day and night features making it ideal for indoor and outdoor surveillance systems. High resolution images are produced using a supremely accurate ¼-inch interline transfer CCD. The camera is equipped with 25x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. Using VGA mode (640 x 480 pixels), the camera captures motion-JPEG compression images at a frame rate of 30fps. The dome camera communicates over 10/100 BaseT. Any computer on the network can be used to monitor and store the video stream. The dome camera having an in-built web server and FTP server / client enables remote access from virtually anywhere in the world! Designed for the toughest applications, additional features include variable pan, tilt and zoom speeds and a privacy mask to protect selected areas from intrusive monitoring. The 360 degrees per second endless panning, auto-patrol of 180 degrees and 100 pre-set positions allows the camera to immediately pinpoint a location should an alarm be triggered. Any blind spots are eliminated with the auto-flip function. A critical component of this day/night camera is its low light capability. With light levels of only 0.6 lux, the VN-C655U can shoot high-quality colour pictures. The in-built infra-red (IR) cut filter captures scenes in realistic colour. For example, the IR can be automatically retracted for infrared imaging (monochrome), making the camera sensitive enough to shoot in just 0.06 lux of ambient light. Also incorporated is Extended Dynamic Range (ExDR) where bright areas of a scene are shot with a high-speed shutter while dark areas receive normal exposure creating a single, well balanced image with light and dark areas perfectly exposed. Greg Gregoriou commented “With the introduction of the VN-C655U, we are now able to offer a truly fully functional IP dome. Based on the highly popular TK-C655E analogue dome, the VN-C655U retains the same features and operates over the IP network. We feel this is a significant addition to our network related product range and it will fulfill the requirements of our customers.” Available accessories include pendant mounts, outdoor housing, wall and ceiling mounted brackets and ceiling recessed housing.