Designed to interface with any PAL or NTSC camera or video source the Type1 module will serve up a web page log in screen and control panel to any browser and then deliver video over Internet Protocol (IP). When using Internet Explorer customers have full control over the camera using ActiveX controls. These including pan, tilt, zoom and video/network setup parameters like resolution, frame rate, contrast as well as alarm notification via e-mail/ftp. Measuring only 47mm x 76mm x 25mm the module easily fits into existing analogue cameras offering analogue video out via a BNC connector and Digital compressed video over IP via 10/100 Ethernet through an RJ-45 connection. Full resolution 640 x 480 and up to 30 frames per second are supported as well as lower resolutions. Connections for RS485 camera control output and 12 volt supply input. Protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, NTP, DNS, DDNS, ARP and DHCP with PPPoE communications. A full software development kit is available for customers to modify any of the IP modules Software features. Samples are available from Zilica Europe. A-Linking is an innovative Taiwanese camera manufacturer with extensive Video over IP product expertise. Cameras are designed and built by A-Linking thus offering highest quality products by using CCD and CMOS sensors from Sony and Sharp. IP technology is currently MJPEG-based but will also include MPEG4 units in the coming weeks. ZiLiCA is a European representative and distributor of specialist video microchips for the CCTV and Broadcast markets. ZiLiCA offers programmable DSP or fixed function solutions to DVR, IP Camera and set top box applications.