James Covert told the Barnes, Buchanan and Mallon Conference on Feb. 17 in Palm Beach, Fla., and said it is his company’s goal to be the No. 1 commercial installation company by 2008. Chicago-based investment firm GTCR Golder Rauner LLC purchased the business for $315.5 million from Honeywell on May 3 last year. Covert says the separation from Honeywell will be complete on March 31, with HSM having to move 31 of 45 branches. The company has revealed a new logo featuring the “HSM” acronym prominently and eventually will abandon the Honeywell name completely and known only as HSM.

Covert said HSM is using Jupiter, Fla., as its corporate headquarters and will base operations in Chicago. It will maintain central stations in Minneapolis and Santa Ana, Calif.