Group 4 Securicor has been working closely with the London 2012 bid team and the police to conduct a risk audit of the proposed site for the Olympic Park in the Lea Valley. The audit formed part of a presentation on security issues made today by Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, to the IOC delegation. A team of risk auditors from Group 4 Securicor has been working in partnership with the police and the bid team from the start of the project to develop a comprehensive risk management solution, which it is hoped will enhance London’s chances of winning the Olympic Games. The team has helped to define the role of private security in the overall plan, demonstrating the value of public / private partnerships. Group 4 Securicor has also provided officers to protect the IOC evaluation committee at their hotel and at key sites across London. Pete Brown, Senior Risk Auditor of Group 4 Securicor (UK Security) said, “Security is a major issue for any country hosting an Olympic Games. With over 250,000 visitors expected every day, a balance must be struck between maintaining the security integrity of the 500 acres Olympic Village and ensuring that competitors and visitors enjoy one of the greatest sporting experiences of their lives. “Security breaches can manifest themselves in a number of ways ranging from low level crime such as pick pocketing to a devastating global terrorism event. Each type of threat must be addressed appropriately and we have proposed a diligent but discreet style of security. “We anticipate that the London 2012 Olympic Games will be groundbreaking in terms of the greater emphasis on sophisticated security technology used in tandem with security officers.”