In essence, UniSwitch turns a person’s cell phone into their remote control and security ID for any secured door or gate. “The wide spread adoption of cell phones means that almost everyone holds a smart device that can be used for remote security and keyless entry,” said Sergey Ost, CEO of Cellbris. “UniSwitch creates a cell phone remote control that replaces the smart ID card, the smart card reader and even the remote control, all at the same time. A single UniSwitch device can manage up to 2000 users, offering enormous savings.” UniSwitch is simple and easy to use. The device is connected to the switch for a gate, door or other device and operates by receiving calls from mobile phones which act as remote controls. The cell phone remote control works two ways. First, it acts as a keyless entry device by activating doors and gates. Secondly, UniSwitch acts in the place of a smart ID card because users can be identified by their cell phones via caller ID. This feature alone represents an enormous cost savings over other remote security systems. UniSwitch Has Two Security Options: – Basic: Any user dials and UniSwitch opens the gate/door without answering the call. – Advanced: Once authorized users are identified via caller ID, UniSwitch opens the gate/door without answering the call if user is authorized. UniSwitch enables access to be restricted to certain groups and certain times of day. For example, certain user groups can be granted access between 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays only. UniSwitch includes integrated notification capabilities that can be used to send SMS alerts when certain events take place. For example, it can be programmed to send an alert to security personnel in the event of a failed access attempt whether during business hours or after hours.