VideoDefender is the only solution that can be tailored to the requirements of each customer’s unique environment, allowing customers to select the IP camera and storage medium of their choice, and any computer as their network recorder. Customers can purchase either the Lenel VideoDefender software only or a full turnkey system. Those who purchase the software only solution can subsequently acquire the latest features and technologies simply by installing the newest release of VideoDefender software on the customer’s standard configuration computer. Lenel VideoDefender offers the best return on investment in both time and money, because the customer need not buy and install new hardware every time a new feature set is released. “Lenel is pleased to provide this cutting edge, IP camera-based digital video solution that allows customers to decide which hardware to incorporate into their security environment,” said Rudy Prokupets, Lenel’s chief technology officer and executive vice president of research and development. “Lenel VideoDefender is not just a video recording system, but an advanced, event-driven, digital video surveillance and management system, offering the benefits of true open architecture, scalability and fault tolerance,” Mr. Prokupets added. The IP architecture of the Lenel VideoDefender system permits IP cameras to be placed anywhere that there is an Ethernet network drop. VideoDefender supports industry DAS, SAN and NAS storage technologies, and can utilize any compliant local and/or network storage media that the customer has. Lenel VideoDefender supports the use of analog cameras as well, for those customers who wish to preserve and leverage their existing analog camera infrastructure investment. Each camera in the Lenel VideoDefender system can have a customizable frame rate (from 1 to 30 fps) and resolution. Other innovative features include a time-lapse recording mode and an IntelligentVideo™ Search Tool, which enables a system operator to conduct a post-event search on motion detection alarms, and confine that search within a specified portion of the camera’s field of view. The entire VideoDefender system—both hardware and software—can be configured, managed and monitored from a single administrative workstation, reducing total cost of ownership, and simplifying administration and maintenance. System operators can view video from every camera in the system, regardless of whether the camera is located in the same room or on a distant continent. From motion sensitivity to compression control, system operators have everything they need right at their fingertips. They can even adjust camera brightness, color and contrast, and can access the pan, tilt and zoom controls.