Installed by Pacom’s South American integrator Bitelco between 2003-04, the system networks integrated security and fire alarm, access control and CCTV functions from 59 stations into a single downtown monitoring location. Securitas AB owns Pacom following its acquisition of Bell Group/Bell Security in 2004. The system protects Metro De Santiago’s one million daily customers and secures the stations each night during the closed period (midnight to 5:00am). Live video is used to control door access for after-hours maintenance crews, cleaners and other authorised personnel at each of the stations. Some 500 CCTV surveillance cameras now monitor the stations at a quality that significantly improves upon previous levels of day and night security. Pacom’s Graphical Management System (GMS) provides an automated alarm and event report, so that Metro officials can tell exactly who entered and exited the stations during the monitored hours. GMS also creates programmed responses to handle re-occurring alarm events. The system was considered to have more than paid for itself in less than six months – with the overall reduction of false alarms (and so a reduction in additional remote location security inspections) and the ability to better manage the use of on-site security personnel.