ISO is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies that promotes standardization and develops cooperation in the areas of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity. Diebold’s EPP4 certification complies with ISO 13491-1, ISO 13491-2 and ISO 9564. Encrypted PIN pads are secure devices that protect the cardholder’s PIN once entered into the ATM. All logical security provisions of the ATM rely on the EPP. Certification verifies that ATM devices can protect against fraud, identity theft attempts and more. Because the concern about ATM fraud has become a global issue, ATM security is more important than ever. Certification demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and more secure transactions. “As security risks increase, customers can be sure Diebold ATMs meet all requirements,” said Ken Justice, vice president of product marketing and management. “We continuously examine and improve our ATMs to ensure they are secure and able to defend any attempt of fraud or identity theft and that they comply with market standards and specifications.” Diebold constantly improves its hardware and software according to industry trends and regulations to offer the highest level of protection against fraud and identity theft. It achieves the highest level of security by engineering security enhancements into every module of the ATM. “The ISO certification of Diebold’s EPP4 clearly demonstrates our continuous commitment to comply with all the market ATM security requirements,” Justice said. “We go above and beyond to make our ATMs the most secure in the industry.” Diebold anticipates continued certification requirements, which may ultimately apply to the entire ATM. Diebold provides the most secure ATM and branch infrastructure in the industry. In 2004, the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) recognized Diebold with two prestigious awards: “ATM Security Best Technology” and “Best Contribution to Promoting the Interests and Growth of the Industry in the Field of ATM Security.”