The Sensormatic SmartEAS product portfolio offers both enhanced inventory protection and vital intelligence on store operations to help optimise merchandising efficiency. Recent trials of ADT’s SmartEAS technology with a major retail customer showed projected savings in excess of €3.8 million within the first year. This anticipated a 30% reduction in shrinkage across the customer’s network of 2,000 stores and a saving of 165,000 hours in staff time that would have been previously spent dealing with alarm incidents. Neil Hunter, Retailer Director explained: “While cutting shrinkage losses remains the priority, more and more businesses are demanding additional information about how and why their shrinkage is occurring. Until now this hasn’t been available, but our new SmartEAS technology will help provide the vital intelligence that enables businesses to reduce shrinkage further.” The future of retail security is about turning reactive security approaches into proactive ones that help reduce shrinkage further and provide business intelligence that helps run store operations even better. ADT’s new SmartEAS technology comes with two primary applications: 1- Smart Alarm Management alerts staff of EAS alarm activity and can record all of the details of alarm events via digital closed circuit television (CCTV) , so that data can be used to identify exactly what happened, when, where, and who responded. Information captured by SmartEAS solutions can be downloaded at any time or e-mailed to any nominated party as an incident occurs. It can also provide remote diagnostics to ensure systems are fully operational and online. The speed, accuracy and detail of information means it will become an essential tool for senior management and loss prevention teams. 2- Smart People Counting allows retailers to set benchmarks for consistently high performance across their stores by gathering information on traffic patterns as people enter and leave their stores. This data can help store management optimise staffing, gauge responses to promotions and determine sales conversion rates.