The new covert cameras look just like normal PIR or smoke detectors and use the same unobtrusive housings, yet they incorporate a fully featured Eazeo camera offering motion detection, backlight compensation and digital view angle control. Bosch say they are ideal for covert observation of customers or staff to detect and reduce shrinkage or theft in a wide range of premises such as shops, bars, offices where overt cameras are too obvious. Video from the coverts can be prevented from appearing on the main display screen along with the other cameras and only unlocked for viewing by authorised personnel as and when required. Video motion detection allows the covert cameras to be recorded only when motion is present reducing the amount of unwanted recording. They can also trigger alarms if required. A single Eazeo observation system can handle up to 4 or 8 colour or monochrome cameras and these can include any mix of normal, dome or covert cameras with indoor or outdoor housings, allowing the Eazeo to provide a complete security solution for video surveillance of schools, offices, homes, shops and small to medium sized businesses. All Eazeo cameras, except the coverts, also provide audio facilities and optional intercom and action boxes can be added to allow easy expansion for door entry control, help points etc. A new Eazeo Outdoor Video Intercom unit combines vandal-proof and IP44 weatherproof operation with a fully featured camera with motion detection built-in along with intercom facilities for 2-way voice communication and visitor snapshots allowing the last 10 visitors to be quickly viewed. A fully equipped Eazeo system can monitor up to 8 cameras of various types, provide intercom and door entry with a choice of VCR or digital video recording plus motion detection for selected zones and alarms, and remote observation via a network or the internet. The main monitor offers a choice of time-lapse viewing and recording, or simultaneous viewing and recording of up to 8 cameras using a multiplexing option for instant at-a–glance monitoring of an entire site on a single screen. Slave monitors also allow viewing from other locations such as the till, the back office, reception etc. Different programmes for alarm and motion detection can be stored for easy switching between day or night surveillance, and it can interface to a wide variety of detectors and alarms. The Eazeo can be easily configured for a wide range of applications from a simple observation system to a complete CCTV security system. The digital recording facility allows any part of a recording to be retrieved and viewed virtually instantly, with easy searching by date and time, or external events such as alarms. Recorded images or video clips can be downloaded to a PC for storage and viewing using the recorder’s built-in Compact Flash card slot. Instant event replay allows the users to see and verify exactly what happened before and after the event with both pre-and post-alarm images automatically recorded when an alarm is triggered.