The new combined Video and Intercom unit includes an Eazeo camera with motion detection and alarms, backlight compensation and digital viewing angle control combined with high quality 2-way voice communications in a simple and convenient solution. It is also fully weatherproof to IP44 and is highly vandal-proof. When a visitor presses the doorbell button on the Intercom unit, an alert is raised at the main monitor which automatically shows the visitor on the screen – either full screen or in a highlighted box on a quad or x8 screen display. A single button initiates 2-way voice communication. A still ‘snapshot’ is also automatically taken allowing users to quickly view images of the last 10 visitors. The unit can be flush or surface mounted and includes an Intercom Speak button plus 3 status lights. The Eazeo observation system can handle up to 4 or 8 colour or monochrome cameras and these can include be any mix of standard, dome or covert cameras or the new Outdoor Video Intercom units. The Intercom unit comes complete with an action box ready for remote door control making it easy to install complete video entry systems for doors or gates. As with other Eazeo cameras, the installer can select specific zones for motion detection to eliminate false alarms say from passing traffic or trees etc. The system can also be set for different motion detection/alarm profiles during the day and at night, and motion detection can trigger alarms if required. “The new Outdoor Video Intercom unit is ideal for shops such as jewellers, off-licenses, as well as schools, offices, homes and small factory units where visitors must be screened before entry,” said Malcolm Chadwick, Eazeo business manager for the Eazeo product line. “High value retailers such as jewellers and off-licenses increasingly require door entry control for security and protection as do schools and private houses for gate or the door entry control. By combining a high quality outdoor video camera and voice intercom in a rugged weatherproof housing as a part of the proven Eazeo CCTV system, we are providing a highly effective yet easy to install all-in-one solution,” he added. The Eazeo system allows motion detection and alarms to be set for selected zones to eliminate unwanted alarms due to passing traffic or trees etc. The DVR option also allows remote access to the DVR for remote viewing of video or alarms via dial-up or the Internet. The main monitor offers either time-lapse viewing and recording, or simultaneous viewing and recording of up to 8 cameras with a multiplexing option allowing instant at-a–glance monitoring of an entire site on a single screen. Slave monitors also allow viewing from other locations such as the till, the back office, reception etc. The Eazeo can be configured for a wide range of applications from a simple observation system to a complete CCTV security system with all the features of much more expensive component CCTV systems at lower cost. The digital recording facility allows any part of a recording to be retrieved and viewed virtually instantly, with easy searching by date and time, camera number or external events such as alarms. Recorded images or video clips can be downloaded to a PC for storage and viewing using the recorder’s built-in Compact Flash card slot. Instant event replay allows the users to see and verify exactly what happened before and after the event with both pre-and post-alarm images automatically recorded when an alarm is triggered.