In environments where classified documents are copied, scanned or printed on a digital system, an image of that information remains on the system’s internal hard drive. Without permanently deleting these items, confidential information can potentially fall into the wrong hands — a security risk that businesses and government agencies want to avoid at all costs. Internal hard drives are necessary in Multifunction Products (MFPs) to carry out complicated functions such as network printing and scanning. Yet, these traditional hard drives retain latent data, posing a security risk as unauthorized parties can possibly recover confidential information. Built on a RAM (Random Access Memory) drive, the revolutionary VMSS solves this security dilemma by deleting this information once the system enters the “off” mode. Since volatile Synchronous Dynamic (SD) RAM is used in Ricoh’s VMSS, it provides an ideal solution for government, military and other office environments with document production and information security requirements. By simply shutting down the MFP, any and all information in the system’s memory vanishes forever. Currently available on the Ricoh Aficio 2035e and Aficio 2045e black and white MFPs, VMSS is a user-friendly security solution as it works seamlessly with all of the system’s robust copying and printing features. Additionally, the VMSS can save customers time and money by providing an MFP security solution that is easily implemented and does not require intensive management from a security officer.