HID has announced the company has begun shipping VertX CS, a new family of access controllers is specifically designed for direct connection to central station operating software by security dealers enabling them to offer incremental monitoring and management services to their customers. This new access control service offering via central station software creates an expanded market opportunity for security dealers because they can now supplement alarm and intrusion system services by adding managed access control. When used with central station automation software from HID partners Bold Technologies, DICE Corporation and GE MAS, VertX CS provides fully-featured access control monitoring, reporting, and management that combines physical access control with alarm systems that can also be managed and monitored remotely. “VertX CS creates a completely new class of access control solutions for security dealers that are optimized around the way security dealers do business today,” said Mark Scaparro, executive vice president of sales for HID. “Additionally, a security dealer can now offer their customers physical access control services alongside the monitoring of intrusion and detection services they already provide, all working on the same platform and operator console that the central station uses now. We see this as a strategic business opportunity for security dealers, because it is estimated that approximately 85 percent of alarm monitoring customers do not currently utilize the benefits of physical access control. Previously, security dealers had two basic options when adding physical access control capabilities to an existing alarm system. One option is to link access control readers through alarm panel connectors resulting in an access control system with limited functionality. A second option is to install an access control system separate from the alarm system without the benefit of connection to central station operating software which does not follow the security dealer model for their customers. Now, these previously disparate systems can become seamlessly integrated into one directly connected to the central station through Bold, DICE, and GE MAS automation software that fully supports the security dealer’s model of managed services. VertX CS provides a seamless operation because central station operators can now leverage the same monitoring system and screens for access control that they currently utilize for intrusion alarms. In addition, it takes full advantage of back office tools for access control management, service reporting, and billing history to offer a single point of monitoring and management for these additional services. HID’s VertX CS solves the installation and monitoring dilemma with its plug-and-play compatibility to the same central station automation software systems security dealers and their monitoring companies already use. An essential part of making this work was partnering with leading central station automation providers, Bold, DICE, and GE MAS, to make VertX CS access panels operate as a fully-functional access controllers that are managed and monitored by their central station automation systems . VertX CS utilizes industry-standard connections, and comes complete with on-board installation tools. It installs similarly to an alarm system, is as easy to configure as an intrusion system, and is compatible with industry-standard access control readers. VertX CS is available immediately through HID’s partners Bold Technologies and DICE Corporation . It will also be available through ADI in the near future.