Headed by an executive team consisting of Marcell Pavlovec (group managing director) and Glenn Morris (executive chairman), the seasoned management team has a strong financial background and a proven track record in business consolidation. The previous owner of the Advanced Group, Advanced Group Company Pty Limited (AGC) was placed into Voluntary Administration, however, ACH saw enormous potential in acquiring the business to continue offering its specialised services in the fields of building automation and technology, integrated security and mechanical services. “The Advanced Group has a strong foundation consisting of four successful, established and strategically aligned businesses that have been providing its specialised services to clients for many years,” says Group Managing Director, Marcell Pavlovec. “We plan to steer the company forward to realise the opportunities that exist for our client base, through the cross-pollination of our four business streams”. Together with an enhanced balance sheet and the financial backing of the ANZ Banking Group Limited, the Advanced Group is now firmly positioned to meet its financial commitments and continue to meet customer objectives in the delivery of its core services. The operationally qualified and accredited ASS team, supported by strong business and financial management, will continue to work on projects within their niche segments to satisfy and exceed customer expectations. Headed by Managing Director, Bruce Armstrong, Advanced Security Systems will continue to ‘partner’ with their customers to achieve their corporate goals in electronic security. “Our focus on people, communication and technology is a differentiating factor in the Advanced business. We look forward to offering our customers the best possible service as part of the ACH team”, says Bruce Armstrong, Managing Director, Advanced Security Systems. As Advanced Security Systems continues to move forward in light of these developments the main objectives of ACH will be to: * Continue to offer the best possible delivery of management and technical services to its customer base. * Produce more efficient processes and outcomes to build our relationships with our staff, customers, subcontractors and suppliers. * Actively promote and capitalise upon core competencies that will result in the improvement of the delivery of our project and service/system offerings. * Be an ‘employer of choice’ and take advantage of the substantial spend of the Advance branding and further leverage that investment in our pursuits. * Initiate, reinforce and support a culture that develops the right and most appropriate leadership skills in the segments in which we trade. * Trade at a high level of corporate governance befitting of that expected in an industry like the Security Industry. Whilst the former Executive Chairman of ASS, Mr. Sam Rahim, will no longer participate in the activities of ASS, the new Executive Team would like to acknowledge his contribution over the last twenty years having been involved in building a business as a specialist provider of integrated security systems and services. The new Executive Team will continue the operations of ASS headquartered from the existing Stanmore premises and will look to substantially expand and improve the business of ASS. “Whilst we enjoy the reputation and recognition of being an innovator in the design and development of truly integrated front-end electronic control security systems, we acknowledge that the last number of months have provided for a major distraction to our business”, says Marcell Pavlovec, “However, the challenges of management change and uncertainty of parent company support have now been removed and we intend to refocus on the business until we are considered in our market the first choice for customers; the ultimate corporate goal being to be acknowledged as the unopposed market leader.