Many integrators face new challenges of getting high-quality video over a variety of networks to meet customers’ demands for securing remote sites and branches. The situation is more complicated when different parts of a security team have different priorities for surveillance video – e.g. high frame rate or picture resolution. NiceVision Version 9 introduces networking technology which adapts to network conditions and provides the image quality for each security task without compromising network performance. NICE will show how NiceVision combines video transmission and analysis to deliver more effective security in networked control rooms. End-users and consultants will see how NiceVision improves control room efficiency, enabling faster, more accurate handling of security events. Tim Giles, product marketing manager for NiceVision observed “Customers tell us that security staff increasingly suffer from visual overload – they simply face too many images to monitor and make sense of them all. NiceVision Version 9 improves security by highlighting situations that need immediate attention.” NICE will also demonstrate its vision of how businesses can understand their customers better by analysing interactions with the physical environment, for example in bank branches and shopping centres, or transportation hubs. Together with CISCO Systems, NICE’s “Branch of the Future” vision highlights the convergence of security and MIS with the ability to analyse physical factors such as foot-fall and queue trends and deliver insights that inform operations and marketing as well as security. Giles commented “We see many businesses looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction in retail outlets, branches or even city centres. NiceVision delivers precisely the kind of insights needed to make rapid, fully-informed decisions which can directly improve business performance.” Visitors to IFSEC can also hear Cameron MacQuarrie, NICE’s business development manager for EMEA, explaining how NICE solutions can “Transform surveillance video into an enterprise asset” on the IBM sponsored HUB in the Network Advantage area.