This latest order, valued at more than $33 million, highlights the industry’s confidence in L-3’s system. The eXaminer is one of only two in-line systems certified by the TSA to screen checked baggage. There are currently more than 500 L-3 EDS systems deployed throughout the world. “L-3 has worked closely with the TSA, airports and airlines to understand the most important features that are needed to make EDS more efficient and effective,” said Allen Barber, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems. “The high throughput capability of the eXaminer is one of the key features that airports and airlines have requested.” L-3 has recently introduced a number of industry-leading advancements to the eXaminer that set it apart from competing systems, including: — Unprecedented baggage throughput of 600 bags per hour or more when operating within a fully integrated baggage handling system environment — Industry-leading capability to accommodate long oversized baggage, such as skis or golf club bags, up to 100 inches (2.64 meters) in length — Additional operational features that improve the overall reliability and efficiency of in-line systems. The eXaminer’s advanced 3-D imaging capability allows operators to resolve alarmed bags more quickly, resulting in improved operational efficiencies. Networking capabilities allow images from multiple machines to be evaluated by multiple operators over a secure network.