These teams will help GE’s current dealers and integrators grow and scale their businesses to meet the emerging, sophisticated integration needs of their security customers, incorporating technologies and services presently employed in the Information Technology (IT) markets. “The continued convergence of physical security with information technology, including the drive to IP-based surveillance, creates a need for new knowledge and skills on the part of our dealers and integrators,” Clark said. “To remain competitive, end users, dealers/integrators and manufacturers must recognize and respond to emerging trends in the networking of security systems with data communications, telecommunications, VoIP and IT networks. “I look forward to continuing what we’ve started, building teams with specialists in these arenas and providing our GE partners with increased training and technical support, along with sales and marketing expertise on how to solve problems and create solutions by leveraging these new market dynamics. It’s imperative that we go beyond creating innovative products. We must also help our partners build their businesses.”