The day/night IP-camera combines full, 360-degree views in low-light, no-light and infrared (IR) lighting-assisted environments. The high resolution, 2.0 megapixel day/night camera utilizes on-board lighting algorithms to automatically respond to ambient lighting conditions. The camera’s proprietary, multi-megapixel fisheye lens was custom-engineered for use in IR filtered and near infrared (NIR)-illuminated environments. It is capable of operating in low light (.5 lux color and .01 lux monochrome mode) and “lights out” (0 lux) environments using supplemental IR illumination. The CommandView Day/Night is compact, ready to use, and easily mounts to ceilings and walls. The durable enclosure has the strength of 10-gauge steel and can withstand 120 pounds of force, making it virtually vandal-proof. The CommandView Day/Night is sealed for all-weather outdoor use.