The airport will integrate the equipment into an inline, multi-level checked and transfer baggage screening system as part of its continued expansion. The VIS 108 systems will be deployed at Level One screening, providing the first automated baggage screening process within the multi-level system. The VIS provides automatic explosive detection at 1800 bags per hour, and has a smaller footprint, which is a key consideration for an airport, such as ICN, with limited space available. The eXaminer 3DX(R) 6500 will be used at Level Three screening, providing airport operators with another layer of automated security that rigorously screens baggage for threats. The eXaminers will be deployed as a networked explosive detection system (NEDS), offering unprecedented baggage throughput of 600 bags per hour when operating within the fully integrated BHS environment. According to Allen Barber, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems, the ICN order represents a growing interest among international airport operators in the certification standards set by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for EDS technology that automatically screens aircraft hold baggage for explosives. The L-3 eXaminer is one of only two in-line systems certified by the TSA. There are currently more than 500 L-3 EDS systems deployed worldwide. L-3 currently supplies and maintains more than 50 AT systems at ICN, which are used to screen checked baggage for a wide range of explosives and other contraband. As the supplier for both eXaminers and VIS systems, L-3 offers several benefits to the airport, including: increased installation efficiencies, a common operating platform, and a single point of contact for after-sales service. “L-3’s range of products offers customizable and scalable solutions for international airports,” said Barber. “L-3 is not only supplying advanced screening technologies to meet the airport’s security needs, but is also maintaining a superior level of support that has come to be expected by our customers.” Earlier this year, the eXaminer 3DX(R) 6500 was certified by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for aviation bag screening. The eXaminer introduces a number of industry-leading advancements that set it apart from competing systems, including: — Unprecedented baggage throughput of 600 bags per hour or more when operating within a fully integrated baggage handling system environment. — Industry-leading capability to accommodate long oversized baggage, such as skis or golf club bags, up to 100 inches (2.64 meters) in length. — A unique, active bag centering and alignment system that improves average throughput. — Increased entrance tunnel size (a full 1-meter width opening) simplifying integration with baggage handling systems. — A capability that allows users to adopt more stringent screening requirements at the “push of a button”. If threat levels are increased or customers have additional security requirements, the eXaminer 3DX(R) 6500 can be adapted without a system configuration change. — Additional operational features that improve the overall reliability and efficiency of in-line systems.