“Tour Andover Controls is continuing the rich heritage of technical innovation and customer service established by Andover Controls and TAC,” commented Derek Duffill, UK managing director, Tour Andover Controls. The first technological offering to come from the marriage of Andover Controls and TAC is I/Net Seven v2 – the high performance security system that integrates sophisticated access control with the latest Integral DVX and DigitalSENTRY digital recording systems (featuring IPIX 360o recording, Acive Alert analytical software, IP Camera integration and more). The two companies offering complementary systems came together late last year as a global force in ‘intelligent buildings’ technology. The objective of the merger was ‘thought-leadership’ in the ‘buildings for life’ arena and to build upon the world wide business trend toward long-term partnerships with those developers that are building sustainable technology into the fabric of many of the world’s leading buildings. I/Net Seven is a high performance and easy-to-use security system that can operate in some of the world’s most demanding applications, including airports, hospitals, universities and national laboratories, where 100 per cent effective security is a hygiene factor. I/Net Seven’s functionality includes user and card management, image verification, video badging and datacard identity, full peer-to-peer control and digital video management integration that includes intelligent motion detection, live and recorded video accessibility. Its one simple interface provides ‘point and click’ view management across the entire systems and simplifies operator training, thereby reducing overall costs. “This is an impressive tool that brings together intelligent access control and digital recording to provide a robust and easy-to-install and use security system that can integrate with existing technologies and grow with the building throughout its life,” said Matt Coulson, security business manager at Tour Andover Controls. Tour Andover Controls also introduced DigitalSENTRY v3, a Digital Video Recording Management System which can accommodate an almost limitless number of cameras and record the latest in IP-connected 360 degree vision. This enterprise class solution can be applied to any number of sensitive locations, where cameras in multiple locations can offer high-quality digital imaging over a network or the Internet. DigitalSENTRY provides the latest in image storage and offers security personnel the complete picture of events via an iPIX 360 degree camera where all incidents can be captured via a single viewpoint. DigitalSENTRY also offers Active Alert where exceptional behaviour is recorded and highlighted, making it easier for security staff to respond to time-sensitive incidents. With audio support, live monitoring and recorded playback, security staff can easily identify potential flashpoints. Other key features include easy administration including the ability to create a library of pre-configured settings that make set up easier than ever. DigitalSENTRY now includes IP camera integration. The AXIS camera and camera servers can seamlessly integrate with the DigitalSENTRY functionality. A new generation of IP cameras – iPIX – provides a 360 degree recorded non-functional camera. Operators can pan, tilt and zoom through live, recorded or exported video directly from within the DigitalSENTRY interface. In addition, multiple operators can simultaneously monitor views from a single command view. “DigitalSENTRY represents the future of security technology and provides operators with electronic eyes in more places than ever before as well as highlighting specific pre-programmed incidents for them as they occur,” said Matt Coulson. “The Active Alert and iPIX camera mean they can see and interpret images more effectively, and not just those where the cameras are pointing. It is an all round security advantage, literally providing all round security.”