The Blanket Purchase Agreement runs through June 2007 and is part of the DOD’s effort to standardize RFID technology pricing and compatibility for all of the department’s branches. The Blanket Purchase Agreement includes ADT’s Sensormatic Agile Series II readers, Sensormatic Agile Series II Omnipoint antennas and GlobeRanger’s iMotion RFID software. According to Randy Dunn, National Director of RFID Sales and Marketing for ADT, the Blanket Purchase Agreement was awarded because of ADT’s global capabilities and long history of working with UHF technologies and large-scale systems integration. “We are able to provide them with quality competitive products, and we have the expertise, longevity and worldwide presence to back those products,” Dunn said. The DOD will use RFID technology to better track and monitor the movement of supplies and assets in a number of areas including inventory control, supply chain tracking and the tracking of shipments from DOD depots and warehouses.