The DVR4C system provides several weeks of uninterrupted video and audio recording from up to four cameras and four audio inputs, and features alarm handling, motion detection and local archiving. The system is ideal for 24-hour secure surveillance of businesses, shops or facilities that operate unmanned or with only a few people on duty. The DVR4C uses industry-standard video encoding, is equipped with built-in intelligent search for instant replay of events, and can be accessed remotely over standard telephone lines, or via a network or the Internet – features normally found only in high-end digital video recorders, and now made affordable for smaller retail shops and businesses. Using the DVR4C, a business owner, manager or security staff can easily stay in touch 24/7 by viewing live images, with full remote search and play-back of recorded images. They can even change the system’s configuration remotely. Alarms and motion-triggered events generate an immediate email message which includes a snapshot video image with audio of the scene. All recordings contain embedded data providing permanent proof of authentication for use in legal proceedings. The system has a built-in USB port for archiving video and audio recording locally to a PC. It records in real-time (25/30 images/sec) and uses high-capacity video compression allowing clear image capture and efficient storage. For a shop owner, this means that recordings of important events or incidents are archived easily onto a memory stick. The DVR4C digital video and audio recorder is now available from security dealers and distributors.